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Nordic Health Company is one of the leading health companies in the Nordic Countries. We offer all-natural health products known for their powerful and positive effects on body and soul, health products that support the body in finding its natural balance.  We understand and appreciate the fact that not all supplements are created equal.  It is, therefore, vital for us at Nordic Health Company to select our partners carefully before adding new brands to our list of the finest health products on the market. This guarantees that Nordic Health Company joins forces with all-natural manufacturers in order to offer only the best brands to our customers who are well-known health stores and retailers.

Nordic Health Company specialises in wholesale of some of the finest all-natural supplements on the market. Our knowledge of nutrition and health products, combined with our expertise in the whole spectrum of getting a product to market – including distribution, import & export, and sales & marketing – has allowed us to build a strong and healthy relationship with our all-natural manufacturing partners, along with successful and well-established health stores & retailers.

This is a relationship, which we at Nordic Health Company do not take for granted. We do not select brands based on margins or market hype. We carefully select them based on our own research into the health benefits of the products and our confidence that people will enjoy these benefits in the form of happier and healthier lives.  This is our goal, which we realize by bridging the gap between our all-natural manufacturing partners and health stores & retailers – and by doing that we play a part in bringing the finest health products to people around the world.

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