Partnering with the finest Manufacturers of Nordic Health Supplements

We at Nordic Health Company put a lot of effort and pride into finding the right partners.  Partners that put their heart and soul into their product line of health supplements.  Health supplements that are all-natural and WORK!


Ankra is a young Icelandic company found in 2013. Their approach to skincare is truly different. To get the best results when working on your body, you should work from the inside out and outside in at the same time. Ankra uses only high quality natural products from the pure, all-natural Icelandic sea resources. Ankra products contain 100% pure marine collagen from wild Icelandic fish, known for helping maintain the skin´s elasticity and youthfulness, as well as helping reduce joint pain. Their products do not include any fillers, flavors, preservatives, hormones, arginine, or any forms of sugars. The results of Ankra´s product are spectacular.

Arctic Mood

Arctic Mood offers tea blends that capture the complex character of Iceland, known as the land of fire and ice. All their tea blends are organic, packed full of wild herbs that are collected from the wilds of Iceland and combined with selected herbs from around the world. Their entire selection of tea contains wild and handpicked Icelandic Moss, a distinctive herb known and used for centuries for its healing and nutritional properties. The Icelandic herbs draw their superb quality through harsh growing conditions in the untouched wilds of Iceland, clean air, and arctic water, which slowly filters through lava. All Arctic Mood teas are certified organic, have no unwanted flavorings and additives, and contain only non-GMO ingredients.



geoSilica was founded in 2012 and first put their first silica product on the market in January 2015.

Silicia is an important mineral which can be found in nature and in various foods. It is a necessary nutrient for the human body as it can play a key role regarding formation and maintenance of bones. Furthermore, silica can assist the body when it comes to absorbing other minerals like calcium and magnesium for example. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of silica in the Western diet, which has the effect that people need to seek other ways to fulfill the body’s daily need of silica.

Gift from Mother Earth!
geoSilica uses only the best silica available from the pure nature in Iceland. The silica comes straight from the bowels of the earth and is as natural and clean as possible. Maybe that is why we have all this success stories from happy customers flowing to us. There are no added substances in the product, only natural compounds that nature has to offer. No other silica product on the market today is a clean as this one. Big words, but true.


Hafkalk is an Icelandic company found in 2000 and is known for its natural high-quality products made from marine sources. Their supplements are bioavailable, meaning that all nutrients can be accessed and easily absorbed by the body. Hafkalk products contain only pure active ingredients and are certified organic.


SagaMedica is an Icelandic natural products manufacturer, founded in the year 2000. SagaMedica offers effective herbal dietary supplements from pure, Icelandic nature.

SagaMedica has strong ties to Icelandic history. The medicinal herbs in their supplements have been used as herbal remedies by their ancestors for more than a millenium.

The herbs in SagaMedica´s products are collected in the pristine environment of Iceland. The connection to Icelandic nature is strong, and their harvesting process is very eco-friendly.

SagaMedica has an academic background and the company is founded as a result of the extensive research on which they base their products. SagaMedica only offers natural products which have real and substantiated effects.

True Westfjords

True Westfjords is a young Icelandic company based in Bolungarvík, one of the oldest fishing towns in Iceland. Without a doubt, True Westfjords, make the purest Icelandic cod liver oil on the market today. Their Pure Natural Cod Liver oil is cold pressed and filled with A and D vitamins in their natural form, straight from the fish liver. A pure source of Omega-3 fatty acids. A 100% pure RAW product.

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